Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey All,

First off, massive thanks to those who picked up a JustForFun print, dropped me a line, featured the print on your blog or submitted it to digg (!!). You guys seriously rock my world and making you happy makes me happy, so let's be friends.

For those who are still looking to pick one up, there are some prints availalble in the shop.

On another note, I've been inhumanely busy lately so I'll keep it short. I've mentioned the glory that is COLLABO here before, and we're going to be providing a little electrovisual stimulation for the crowd at HARD 13 tonight.

If you're in the LA area, stop by and show us some love by dancing your booty off in front of me.

For show details, check out the HARDFEST Website

Peace and Love

UPDATE: Just in case you folks were wondering how I spend my Friday nights, here is some video from the event. Our crew, from left to right was Kristal, Cayla, Shane, Christel, and myself behind the camera. Make sure you stick around til the 1:10 mark to see five thousand kids rock out.

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